Our 3 Stage Process.

What we do goes well beyond Great Website Design & Marketing! We have a 3-stage process which underpins our approach to building an awesome brand proposition that really engages with your target audience, nurtures customer relationships and creates brand loyalty. You can check out all our services here.

“Little steps make one
almighty leap of endless possibility.”



What motivates people to choose one product or service over another?

People choose brands in the same way they choose friends, attracted or repelled by particular sets of characteristics. Consumers don’t buy what you do, they make decisions based on how you make them feel. We listen to your customers and understand what they care about.

– Brand Identity Audit
– Brand Perception Surveys
– Consumer Research
– Name Generation
– Strategy and Planning
– Brand Positioning
– Identity Design

Everything starts with understanding your brand. Read our quick guide about creating a great moodboard HERE



How do your customers access and experience your brand?

Launching a brand is about telling your story in a way that creates opportunities for people to become engaged. Armed with a clear understanding of the target market and competitive landscape, we help our clients to launch a cohesive brand message across the board.

– Marketing Strategy
– Website Design
– Mobile Apps
– Advertising
– Video Production
– Printed Literature
– Events



Are you engaged with your customers and creating new opportunities?

It doesn’t stop at branding and websites, continued engagement is the key to success. Ongoing marketing support enables your brand to remain healthy and stay relevant, keeping your customers engaged, and creating new opportunities.

– Search Marketing
– Social Media Marketing
– Content Creation
– Email Marketing
– Analytics & Optimisation
– ROI Reporting

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– Jenny, Head of Marketing at Cheshire Cat Creative –