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Ecommerce Website Design

How to Get Your Ecommerce Website Right

Your ecommerce website should always be selling. Whether that's products, courses, memberships, or subscriptions - an ecommerce website should be making you money.

Your ecommerce website should:

  • Generate money, even when you're not there
  • Load quickly to ensure they don't hit the back button
  • Be easy to use and navigate, deliver the right information

A well considered, strategically designed, ecommerce website will win over visitors, generating you sales, in turn, growing your business.

If you have an ecommerce business, your websites needs to generate sales.

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Website Design at Cheshire Cat Creative

1. Discovery Session

The first step in all Ecommerce website design projects at Cheshire Cat Creative, is your ecommerce website Discovery Session.

During this chat we'll learn all about your business, your ecommerce website goals and objectives, your website visitors, what actions you want your visitors to take, and so much more. You'll undoubtedly have ideas and questions. This is when unexpected ideas can emerge!

We'll introduce you to our secret weapon! Pinterest is the perfect tool for really understanding the final aesthetics.

The partnership we have with our clients is key to the success of our projects. Your Discovery Session gives us a great insight into your business and helps to get that ball rolling.

wireframe your ecommerce website design

2. Wireframing and Web Design

After the Discovery Session, we begin to pull our ideas together for your new ecommerce website design.

We'll begin to wireframe your website and user experience. Wireframing keeps everyone focused on function, and how users will use and navigate your new website, rather than simply what it looks like...(there's no point in having a shiny new website that isn't intuitive to use). Once we've shared our thinking with you, we then work on the ecommerce website design itself.

As your website project progresses, we design, deliver, and iterate, and you'll have different paths to choose from and options to explore.

3. Bringing Your Ecommerce Website to Life

Once the direction for your website has been decided, we'll start coding to bring it to life.

Your website will be built on the Wordpress platform, which allows you to edit your own website. We use Woocommerce for building the shop elemt of the website as it works fantastically well with Wordpress and is really simple to use. Once your website is built, we'll deliver a training sesssion where we'll show you the ins-and-outs of your website management.

launch your ecommerce website design

4. Launch

When you're happy, we're happy. Once you've given us the seal of approval to go we can help launch your new website to the world.

At this point we can give you a quick guide to working in the backend of your new website. This means that you could do simple things like adding blog posts or promotions yourself.

We can also arrange for the domain name and hosting if needed. There's also a lot we can do to help with Marketing so that potential customers can find your website.

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How we work with clients

Cheshire Cat Creative isn't a massive website agency, with a posh office, ping pong table, and beanbags. We’re a small friendly creative team working out of Warrington in the North West of England, with a passion to help businesses like yours grow through great design, ecommerce website design, as well as strategic digital marketing.

Our brand values are:

Small but mighty.

Collaborative together.

Awesome design, always.

We’re all about bringing that big agency feel to each and every one of our ecommerce website design projects. Our collaborative based approach allows us to build strong relationships that result in awesome design work.

"Cheshire Cat Creative have spearheaded my projects with GB Ultras & Gb Race Tracker over the last 3 + years helping bring ideas to reality. They listen and they care about the project. They also know how to deliver top level amazing work and combine it with great value!"
Wayne Drinkwater - GB Ultras

So, what other website services do we offer?

Website Design

Your website is often the first place a potential customer will interact with your business. Therefore, your website design needs to communicate what you’re all about, as well as work to turn your visitors into leads or customers.

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Brochure Websites

Brochure websites work to show your customers exactly what your business is about. Brochure websites are a simple website solution that pushes your business online, without any added complication.

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Ecommerce Websites

Ecommerce websites allow your customers to buy from your business whenever it's convenient. It’s important that your ecommerce website sells, without creating friction or complications for your visitors.

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Wordpress Websites

Wordpress is the world’s most popular website platform and powers over 15% of the world’s top websites. Wordpress allows you to easily update your site, changing content, images, adding blog posts, and more.

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Responsive Websites

With the growing popularity mobile and tablet browsing, it’s important that your website always looks good. Mobile responsive websites adapt to your device, giving your visitors the best website experience.

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UX and UI Design

Regardless of the project  you’ll want to consider in-depth user experience and interaction design. Without consideration, you run the risk of alienating or disappointing customers.

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