Brand Identity

Brief - The new headmistress dislikes the school's dated identity. Create a new identity and show how this would look over several touch points.

Idea -Several keywords from the meeting with the school included... Collaboration, Community, Approachable, Aspirational & Partnership. Create an identity which incorporates all these characteristics whilst appearing professional.

Deliver -New Logo, brand guidelines, prospectus, press advert & website design.

I feel it's important for the logo to resonate with Audiences (Parents, Students & Staff), be memorable, timeless, playful, clean, simple and bold. Plus, the graphic element needs to work independently.


Colour has been shown to help with uplift in Energy, Concentration & Creativity in education. Yellows are great for classrooms teaching languages & other creative pursuits...fine art, dance, culinary arts etc, whilst green has a very calming effect in the classroom.


I have paired Montserrat with Avenier to create a Clean, Modern & Professional look and feel. When working with the playful logo the consistency here will helps to  reinforce professionalism.